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Red Christmas (2017)

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A mother must protect her family on Christmas Day from a demented stranger who is hell-bent on tearing them apart.

Rip Tide (2017)

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Rip Tide (2017)

Lone Wolves (2016)

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After an apocalypse of questionable origin, Private James Conroy is living in an abandoned shack at the base of a radio tower...

Dream of a Shadow (2017)

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Spiros is one of the many new migrants from Greece who seek a better life in Australia. But as he soon realizes, new dreams come at a great cost.

Red Dog: True Blue (2016)

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An iconic Australian story of family, friendship and adventure, between a young boy and a scrappy one-of-a-kind dog that would grow up to become an Australian legend.

Dead Sunrise (2016)

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Dead Sunrise is about a group of friends that find a research lab in the woods only to unleash little flesh eating children onto the world.

Boys in the Trees (2016)

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On Halloween 1997, two estranged teen skaters embark on a surreal journey through their memories, dreams and fears.

Ravenswood (2017)

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When 4 American tourists - Sofia, Carl, Belle and Michael - go on a ghost tour, they get much more than they bargained for, when the ghosts of an evil Doctor and his last patient victim trap them in the old abandoned psychiatric ward.

Charlotte (2017)

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After a car crash, Renee pieces her life back together.

Rabbit (2017)

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After a vivid dream, Maude Ashton returns to Adelaide, certain she now knows the whereabouts of her missing twin sister.

Jasper Jones (2017)

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JASPER JONES is a coming of age story about Charlie Bucktin, a bookish boy of 14. On the night that Jasper Jones...

Open Water 3: Cage Dive (2017)

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Three friends filming an audition tape for an extreme reality show, take part in shark cage diving, only to be left in great white infested waters...

Cage Dive (2017)

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Three friends filming an audition tape for an extreme reality show, take part in shark cage diving, only to be left in great white infested waters...

Science Fiction Volume One: The Osiris Child (2016)

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Set in the future in a time of interplanetary colonization, an unlikely pair race against an impending global crisis and are confronted by the monsters that live inside us all.

Inner Demon (2017)

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A teenage girl is abducted by a serial killer couple and manages to escape and find refuge in an isolated farmhouse, only to discover it is home to greater horrors and a malevolent spirit.

Don't Tell (2017)

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With help from a local lawyer, a young abuse survivor finds the courage to speak out when having a voice is her only option.

Dance Academy: The Movie (2017)

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This 2017 movie follows the original dance academy TV show and tracks where the characters are in their lives now.

Go with Your Gut (2017)

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Go With Your Gut is documentary on the theme of how you should always follow your heart. It tells the...

Molly: Counting Down the Hits (2016)

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Molly Meldrum counts down some of your favourite hits.

The iMom (2014)

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When technology exceeds humanity...

Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution (2017)

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Magic Money is a documentary film which explores the mysterious origins of Bitcoin, its role in society, and how it could shape the future of our world.

Restoration (2016)

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In a near-future world, where individuals have their memories downloaded for backup, a man awakes in a body that is not his own.

Project Night Train (2012)

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Watch Project Night Train (2012) Full Movie Online Free

Putuparri and the Rainmakers (2016)

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A documentary about an Aboriginal man living in Fitzroy Crossing in Western Australia that maps out his ancestors' spiritual connection to the land and his family's continuing custodianship of it.